Apostle Area - NENE N

On Tuesday evening, 11 April 2017 the male choir of East London District presented a Passion Concert in Oxford Street Congregation.

Oxford Street’s Sunday School kicked off with a bang by putting the Triangle Support Concept into practice as prescribed by the Partnering with Parent Presentation received at the opening of Sunday School 2017.
The ministers of Oxford Street Congregation put love into action and pledged their care and support for the children by accepting the task of visiting the classes and each one presenting a lesson on Sunday, 19 February 2017.
The children were very excited and happiness and joy were all around.  The children were hanging on the minister’s lips and their pride and joy of having their ministers in their class could be sensed.  The children felt important and valued without a doubt.
This initiative will continue throughout the year on a monthly basis, rotating the ministers between classes.  This is a blessed opportunity for the young ones to have a one-on-one encounter with their bearers of blessing in the congregation.
The aim to ultimately strengthen the relationships between their ministers, teachers, parents and children will surely be achieved through this initiative.

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The Apostle  NT Nene retired Deacon Lulamile Kwakweni of New Brighton Congregation in the Motherwell District on 23 October 2016.