It was a hype of activity and excitement as the congregation of Oxford Street, East London gathered at church on the Saturday in preparation for Sunday's Thanksgiving Divine Service.

Everyone did their share in bringing fruit and vegetables and to lend a hand in cleaning the church building or assisting in decorating the altar and foyer. The weekend culminated in the Thanksgiving Divine Service on Sunday morning. The congregation was encouraged to remain a thankful people and in everything give thanks to God.

After the conclusion of the divine service the Rector handed various musical instruments to youth and Sunday school children. These were donated by cheerful givers for the furtherance of music within the congregation. The young people are excited to embark on a journey to master these instruments for the furtherance of God's work and to the enjoyment of the congregation. A piano, violins, a clarinet, and tenor, alto and soprano recorders were handed over.

The festivities were concluded with each senior member receiving a parcel made up of fruit, vegetables and canned food with love from the congregation.