On Sunday evening 9 April 2017 the congregation of Sedgefield shared in the joy with the

Valedictory of the final year confirmands.

The evening was opened by Shepherd C Jafta with an introduction of the Bible story, “The Lord is my Shepherd”, also sharing with the congregation the importance of confirmation and the reason for the evening. Thereafter, each Sunday school child read a portion of “The Lord is my Shepherd”, all ending off with “And I will dwell in the House of the Lord all the days of my Life”. One of the Sunday school boys read a beautiful poem to the confirmands. The children did a dance to the music of “You raised me up”, which was enjoyed by all.

The two confirmands then came to the front and read their thank you poems to their parents, thanking them for all their love and support during their Sunday school years.

The evening ended with the Sunday school children singing “Give me Joy in my heart” and “The wise man built his House upon the Rock”. Shepherd Jafta thanked all for the attendance, wished the confirmands well and closed the evening with a prayer. Snacks were arranged by the teachers and fellowship was enjoyed to round off a blessed evening.