On Wednesday evening 12 April 2017 after the divine service the congregation of Rosemoor 1 had their Valedictory.

After service the confirmands were escorted in by the Sunday school children while a duet of the flute and violin (Te Deum - a hymn of praise) was being played. The Sunday school choir sang “Build your house upon the rock”.  The Youth read 1 Chronicles 29 verses 10 -13 (David’s Praise to God). The congregation sang verse 2 of hymn 128. The confirmands were encouraged and motivated by speakers on behalf of the Sunday School, Youth,  Seniors,  Ministers and Parents. 

Melissa Opperman spoke on behalf of the confirmands.  She asked the congregation to remember them in prayer as they wish to remain faithful.  The confirmands were assured of the continued prayers of the whole congregation. They ended the Valedictory by singing the last verse of hymn 66.