On Saturday 06 May 2017, the teachers of Pacaltsdorp, Europe, Rosedale and New Dawn Park

congregations gathered for a workshop in Pacaltsdorp Congregation presented by Bishop Coordinator sister Anouk Dreyer.

Teachers from the different congregations could come to renew their teaching skills, strengthen their spiritual capacity and also be taught how to work with various situations within their congregations with regard to the Sunday school and children. Various topics were discussed and they shared much information among one another. Sister Dreyer shared valuable thoughts as to how to combat conflict within the Sunday school, how to see the child in various classes, and the goals and main purpose for the Sunday school. Teachers were divided into groups to discuss the topics and a lot of the information that came from the groups were valuable answers which they could apply in their teaching. Lots of laughter and joy among the teachers were experienced during fellowship. This was most certainly a blessed workshop, a day well spent with fellow teachers who love the work of the Lord and want to take the Sunday school to higher spiritual levels.