Saturday 05 August 2017, a beautiful rainy day, heralded the Day of the Child celebration for the

Korsten and Arcadia clusters in the Arcadia Bishop Area. Approximately 400 children and teachers gathered at Sanctor High School in Port Elizabeth to enjoy a day of fellowship. The day’s activities started with a short choir practice after which the games began. Outdoor games changed to indoor games as a result of the much needed showers of blessing. This however did not dampen the enthusiasm with which everyone threw themselves into the games.

After a satisfying lunch, a few musical items were performed by the talented children, which brought a very busy day to an end. A tired but happy group departed to prepare for the divine service the next day.

On Sunday 06 August 2017, Apostle HB Swartbooi, held a special divine service for this group of children, teachers and parents in Korsten. He used the Bible word Matthew 19:13 (a portion), “Then little children were brought to Him that He might put His hands on them…” The children were led to the understanding that the blessing of God is to be found under His hand, of which the hands of their parents, teachers and ministers are an extension. They were encouraged to show thankfulness towards these people in their lives and in turn to extend a hand of love and shared blessings to others.

The children went home with pockets filled with blessings, as well as some lovely edible goodies, enough to go out and share with others.