On Saturday 3 February 2018, the confirmands, rectors and teachers of the Kimberley Central District gathered at the N12 Outspan Recreation Centre for a day of spiritual inspiration and fun!

The day started with an inspirational message from Apostle Swartbooi, followed by a very moving and heartfelt presentation of the “Story of the Blue Ribbon – Who I am makes a difference”. Thereafter, enjoyable “ice-breakers” followed. During the rest of the outing the confirmands enjoyed laughter and fun, and they also had a great time in the swimming pool. This certainly removed any inhibitions of not really knowing one another and being in different congregations.
All attendees could reflect on special moments enjoyed and relationships that were fostered. The purpose of the outing was thus achieved. The confirmands were really looking forward to the next day, the day of their Confirmation to pledge their commitment to God in remaining faithful to Him.