On Monday 5 February 2018, the young people going to YPC18218, including the newly confirmed

 young people, rectors and co-ordinators gathered in Galeshewe Congregation.

A presentation on “WHY I am NEW APOSTOLIC” was presented to the group. The meeting was in preparation for YPC18218. This topic unlocked enriching spiritual discussions among those who were in attendance and they also enjoyed these blessed moments together.

Some of the feedback on this topic are the following:
• A Church that preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ
• A Church that dispenses the three sacraments
• A Church that has a Chief Apostle whom we can trust in his decision making
• A Church that has the Apostle ministry with authority
• An active member keeps his/her vows to God and is committed therein
• The members enjoy a variety of festive divine services
• We are active because we believe in the 10 articles of our Faith.

Just before the presentation started the Bishop E Bhana paid the young people and their leaders a surprise visit. This was also an ideal opportunity to welcome the young people who were confirmed the day before into the circle of the young people. All attendees could reflect on special moments enjoyed together.