On Saturday 8 July 2017, the Sunday school teachers of Grassy Park West Congregation, assisted by

the Sunday school children with some parents and ministers, served soup and bread to approximately 90 of the homeless in the area. Having witnessed the dire need in the community, the Sunday school teacher body embraced the opportunity to reach out to these needy and vulnerable members of society who have become a permanent presence on many of the streets. A warm meal and a caring ear brought valuable relief to their grim and impoverished existence.
This charitable venture was made possible with the aid of congregants who supported not only with donations but who also willingly gave of their time to assist with various tasks. All who participated in this outreach gleaned firsthand the raw reality which the destitute face daily.  This brought about greater appreciation for what is so easily overlooked in one's own life.
The appreciative smiles, interesting life-stories and overwhelming gratitude made the entire experience deeply fulfilling and most definitely worthwhile.  All who participated agreed that it would certainly not be the last outreach.