Tafelsig Congregation had their annual winter school programme from 10-12 July 2017.

On Monday, the Sunday school children were invited to a local library to attend a “Come and Play” holiday programme, along with other kids in the community. They played games in order to win prizes and learned more about the library. On Tuesday, the children interacted well with one another, as they played various games together with the help of the attending Sunday school teachers.
On Wednesday, the last day of the winter school, the Sunday school children attended the weekly Wednesday morning  divine service, which was held by Shepherd Kevin Johnson.
They also had a lot of fun with arts and crafts, as they painted happily portraying their creativity. The children also enjoyed delicious meals ranging from soup and spaghetti, to curry bunnies and donuts with coffee, made by members and Sunday school teachers of the congregation.  Throughout the week, the Sunday school children also learned and practised hymns, taught by brother Lee-Roy Petersen, which they will sing at a concert on 23 July 2017.