On Friday 3 November 2017, the Young People of Tafelsig and Eindhoven congregations held a Comic-Con G2G in the basement of Tafelsig Congregation.

The evening started off with a prayer, after which they sang the theme song for the Young People’s Convention, which will take place next year on 18 February 2018. Although the theme of the G2G was comic con, which saw many Young People dressed up as their favourite characters, such as Superman and Batman, the basement was beautifully adorned with Emoji posters and decorations. The game ‘Guess The Song’ was played, where the intro of hymns and movie theme songs were played. The Young People had to guess the name of the hymn, sing a part of it, as well as guess the name of songs played in movies and the name of the movie.
Thereafter, the Young People showed off their moves with the Cha Cha Slide. A variety of potjiekos was donated by the Rector Helper Areas of Tafelsig Congregation, which was served by a few parents of the Young People. There was much joy and excitement amongst the Young People during the G2G as they could spend time with old and new friends. This was the first time that the Young People of these two congregations had fellowship, as Delft District had recently become part of this Apostle Area.