On 15 April 2017, Dennekraal recreation and conference centre served as the venue for the first youth leaders’ seminar in the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa (NACSA).

Due to the amalgamation of the NAC Cape and NACSEA district churches, it became mandatory that a fresh, redesigned youth programme be developed.
Invited to the seminar were representatives from the Youth on the move (Former NAC Cape area) and WRU@ programmes (Former NACSEA area). The seminar commenced with an opening prayer, welcome and introductory thoughts by District Apostle J Kriel.
Apostle Joubert, who was recently appointed as the head of youth care and development in the NACSA was present, and he had an opportunity to share a few thoughts regarding the future plans for the youth.
The primary focus for the seminar was for the attendees to gain insight and clarity regarding existing youth programmes; review the strengths and weaknesses of each other and strategically develop suggestions for improvement. The idea is to give birth to a new youth care concept based on the positives of the existing initiatives.
The attendees enjoyed the fellowship and it was a great opportunity for the two areas to get to know each other.