The Apostles and Bishops of the NAC Southern Africa area gathered in Bloemfontein for a conference with District Apostle J Kriel which took place from 24-26 August.

The three days preceding the conference from Monday, August 21 to Wednesday August 23 were utilized for Theology Training presented by Dr Markus Cromhout.

After the conclusion of the training on Wednesday afternoon, all the Apostles and Bishops were cross-booked in various congregations throughout the area of Bloemfontein and Kimberley for the evening divine service - much to the delight of the local members. Despite the separation in distances, the congregations were connected with the Bible word Isaiah 62:11, which served as a platform for the divine services.

This unique event saw the church grow with 209 souls being sealed and 30 ministers being ordained in the area by the visiting Apostles.

All too soon the evening of blessings was over, but the joy and thankfulness will live on in the hearts of the members for a long time to come.