With many of the New Apostolic members' home language being Afrikaans, the motivation behind the compilation of the new Afrikaans hymnal was to allow all members to feel welcome in the house of God.

In 2012, the composers’ workgroup of NAC-SA embarked upon the project of producing the new hymnal. The workgroup added a total of 86 new Afrikaans hymns in various musical styles, with the other 229 hymns being translated from the English hymnal. The workgroup focused intensively on the hymn texts, both technically and spiritually. This work consisted of writing, translating, revising and editing of lyrics. The goal was to ensure that both music and lyrics were of good quality.

The hymnal and CD was launched with a concert which was held in the Silvertown Auditorium on Friendship Day, 3 September 2017. There was great anticipation and excitement from the performers and audience alike in the build-up to this event. Members had already been given a foretaste of the new hymnal with selected hymns being sung by congregations in the build up to the launch. The hard work by the choir paid off in the beautiful concert which was presented. The members left with great excitement and look forward to singing hymns out of the new Afrikaans hymnal.

The launch of the Afrikaans hymnal was also celebrated in various congregations around Southern Africa. As from 4 September 2017, the hymnal and CD will be available at the New Apostolic Administration office at R50 each.

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