District Apostle J Kriel had scheduled three divine services in Botswana

to celebrate the ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ. On Wednesday, 09 May 2018, he landed at Maun Airport just before 13h00, where he was received by Apostle Liwakala and Bishop Musowoya. It was exactly 13h00 when the three servants left for Etsha 6, where the first service was to be held. They travelled via car on a bumpy tarred road with very deep potholes.

After covering a distance of 275km, they finally arrived in Etsha 6. For the divine service, the District Apostle used John 14:2-3 as the basis for the sermon. There were 114 souls that had gathered, 1 of whom was a visitor. Immediately after greeting the members, the District Apostle and his team left for Shakawe, some 100km away, where the next service was scheduled.

Shakawe is a small town situated on the banks of the Okavango River next to the famous Okavango Delta. They arrived in Shakawe just before 8pm and the service commenced immediately. 70 members had been waiting to see and listen to the District Apostle. The divine service had to be held in the dark as there was no power in the congregation. This meant that the District Apostle had to conduct the sermon with a candle on the altar. As basis for the divine service, the District Apostle used the Bible word Hebrews 10:11-13. After the divine service, the members were singing traditional songs. Soon it was time for the District Apostle and his team to leave.

Midway through the long 375km journey to Maun, the three servants of God made a stopover at the Ramorwa Guest House in Gumare. Here they rested for three hours, and were back on the road by 05h30. By 08h30, they arrived at Maun congregation where 94 souls had gathered, of whom 1 was a visitor. For the sermon, the District Apostle based his teaching on John 16:28. After the divine service and an extensive journey, the District Apostle returned home.