Coordinators, rectors and district leaders from the Durban Bishop Area met in Pinetown on Saturday, 13 January 2018, for a workshop with Apostle A Page.

Attendees at the workshop were asked to list what they thought made a vibrant congregation and who was ultimately responsible for the vibrancy of a congregation. They were also asked to list the problems and challenges that each congregation faces. The attendees were then divided into various groups, starting with their districts, to come up with solutions to the challenges they face.

Later in the day those who attended were divided into groups of responsibility, namely Sunday School, Music, Young People, MIS and Pastoral Care where they once again identified their challenges and came up with solutions.
The workshop was a hive of activity throughout the day as the attendees spoke from their hearts and endeavoured to overcome their challenges, find solutions and “do things differently”. While the serious business of creating vibrant congregations dominated the day, attendees did have time for fellowship when they shared in some food and cool drink at lunch.

The Apostle and his committee will be conducting similar workshops in Mpumalanga East and  Northern KZN later in January and February.