On Sunday 8 October 2017, Apostle JM Joubert held a divine service in Siyabuswa Congregation, which is on a stretch of the Moloto Road. 

The Moloto Road, northeast of Pretoria, is often known for the many accidents that take place on the stretch of road of about 80 kilometres. Along this stretch of road there is also a strong New Apostolic presence with a number of congregations in the area. Many of the members in the region have suffered personal loss or loss of family members over the years due to these accidents.

At this divine service the festive atmosphere was tangible and the choir and orchestra brought much joy to the congregation. The Bible word for the divine service was taken from Deuteronomy 4:29, “But from there you will seek the Lord your God, and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.”  The word focussed on God answering those who turn to Him with faith and trust; how God helps those who give priority to their salvation and how God blesses those who love Him with a sincere love. During the divine service three deacons were ordained.

The District Elder Michael Nyundu of the Siyabuswa District was placed into honourable early retirement due to ill health. He moved to the Western Mpumalanga region about 35 years before and with the support of his wife started actively testifying in the region. Over time the two congregations in the region grew to 16 congregations.

In line with the consolidation plan within the District Church, five congregations were consolidated to allow for stronger congregations with increased resources. This consolidation process was taken one step further with the consolidation of three smaller districts: Siyabuswa, Tweefontein and KwaMhlanga into one stronger district, which will be called Mpumalanga West District. In order to care for the district, the District Elder Robert Rampisi was appointed as District Rector. To assist him in this task the District Evangelist Mhlangeni was appointed as District Rector Helper for the Northern region of the district and the District Evangelist Khuswayo was appointed as District Rector Helper for the Southern region. All three brothers were mentored by the District Elder Nyundu and in this way the baton was handed over to a new generation of leaders to proceed with the work started by this pioneer who went into well-deserved early retirement.