Apostle JM Joubert held a meeting with the Integrated Management Team (IMT) on Saturday 13 January

2018, in Brentwood Park Congregation, East Rand. The meeting was attended by District Rectors and their helpers, and the newly appointed focus group coordinators. Bishops S Naude and V Rudolph also attended the meeting. The purpose of the management team concept is to create a platform within the apostle area to support the congregations and allow every congregation to be a fully functional unit serving the needs of the members.  The objectives of each focus group and subsequent planning for the year were discussed.  It was emphasised that all of this must be aligned with the vision and mission of the Church under the guidance of District Apostle J Kriel.
The Apostle opened the meeting with a prayer and a Bible word taken from Matthew 24:45, ‘Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his master made ruler over his household, to give them food in due season?’
A number of sisters, who were invited to form part of the IMT were welcomed and the Apostle said that everyone was of equal importance within the IMT and that although each one of the IMT roles are different, that everyone will be working towards the same common goal – to serve. The Apostle further discussed the process of restructuring and congregational consolidation within the districts, and said that it is an ongoing process. 
Each appointed IMT coordinator was provided the opportunity to share the objectives and proposals for the first term of the year and then the subsequent proposal for the remainder of the year.
The IMT consists of:
• Sunday School
• Young People
• Welfare
• Finance
• Music
• Marketing and branding
• Support groups (Seniors, Business leaders, Sisters)
• Training (spiritual and leadership development)
The meeting was concluded with a discussion on the current status of the Young People’s 1802018 weekend, as well as steps that should be taken to give full support to this amazing event.