On 29 April 2018, the Apostle Joubert served the congregation of Eersterust North in the

Pretoria North East District. The Bible word was taken from Exodus 17:11-12. The Apostle expanded on a few points, namely:
*The battle of Israel in the desert is also an image for our battle against evil.
*The victory over evil has already been attained by Jesus Christ.
*Let us support the apostolate in the task to reconcile man with God by proclaiming the victory of Christ.
*Christ is present in His Church.
Nine souls received the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Apostle also placed the following ministers into well-deserved retirements: District Rector Helper Abrahams, Rector Helper Domingo and Priest Apples. The brothers served collectively for 78 years in various congregations, in the Pretoria North East District and the previous Mamelodi District.
Also, a further blessing for the day, the Apostle bestowed the Silver Wedding Anniversary blessing on two couples: the District Rector Quinton Hinrichsen and his wife Magda, and the Rector Patrick Hopper and his wife Merle. Both couples were married on 24 April 1993.
Beautiful precious moments were shared in God’s house by all members and invited guests.