On Saturday 9 June 2018, Dinwiddie senior members got together for a lunch at the home of Priest Vic and sister Carol Fernandes.

The seniors were entertained by the Women's Work Group. Following a scrumptious lunch, the seniors participated in some fun activities, including balloon volleyball. Fortunately, all the senior members managed to attend the divine service the following Sunday morning, despite some aching muscles and joints.

The Rector was present at this gathering to pray and he shared a few thoughts from a presentation our District Apostle gave in Washington, USA over the Pentecost weekend, “Work with what you have". The Rector mentioned that although some of our body parts begin to slow down and sometimes fail as we age, we can still use what we have to pray, offer and encourage one another to remain faithful to Christ.

The seniors could also sing "Happy Birthday” for the retired Bishop Botha who celebrated his 82nd birthday. They are thankful for the Seniors’ Work Group for their labours of love.