The combined congregations of Silverton, Nellmapius 1 and 2, Pretoria North East District,

awaited the visit of Apostle JM Joubert with much anticipation. The Apostle conducted this divine service in Silverton Congregation on Sunday 10 June 2018 and used a Bible word taken from Luke 24:27 as basis for this divine service: “And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.” This Bible word is taken from the account of the Emmaus disciples’ encounter with the risen Christ. The congregants were encouraged to allow the Holy Spirit to guide them. One needs to follow Jesus in adhering to the Law of Love and prove one’s love to God by helping one another.

District Rector Hinrichsen and Rector Williams were called to serve the congregation. The children also provided a warm rendition of  “Here I am, Lord”.
The congregation was also reminded of the importance and significance of the celebration of Holy Communion as the high point of the divine service. One should not take such moments for granted, but recognise the presence of Jesus Christ and use these moments to secure one’s future.
The Apostle performed the act of Holy Sealing where 11 souls received the Gift of the Holy Spirit, with the assembled congregation as witnesses to this Holy Act.
Thereafter, the Apostle Joubert placed Priests E Main and K Willemse into well-deserved retirement. He thanked both brothers for their labours of love in God’s work and wished them well into the future.
The divine service was concluded by the choir singing the well-known hymn “Sing unto God”. Thereafter, the congregation enjoyed fellowship, reminiscing on beautiful moments with the retired priests and some members.