Live Broadcast – divine service with District Apostle John Kriel – 17 March 2019

Broadcast details

08h00 - A slide will appear on the screen stating: The live broadcast of the divine service with District Apostle John Kriel, from Bosmont congregation, Gauteng will commence at 08h40.

Transmission opening time 08h40 - Divine service commencement time 09h00 - Divine service conclusion time - no later than 10h30


See below the links which will enable internet streaming of the divine service.

Music during the divine service

For this AVT divine service the recorders in every congregation will be invited to play a hymn locally,at call-up, as announced by District Apostle. The hymn to be played is number 73 in the recordertutor. Please ensure the ensembles are ready once the organ plays the introduction from Bosmont. A conductor will be screened in the top corner as with the sign-language translators on some newsbroadcasts. (This rendition will be our collective practice run for the CA service with our children on 11 May 2019.)