On Friday 28 June 2019, Garden Village Sunday School started with their winter school activities in the church hall.

With the benches cleared, an open space was created for recorder jamming and various crafts. The children practised in preparation for the upcoming services. Quite a few of the children were from the churches in the community. They joined the recorder programme from the outset and play confidently along with our SS children.

The teaching of beadwork and fabric painting were kindly volunteered by congregation members. The children learned these crafts, being a first for most of them, with enthusiasm.

On Friday, 5 July they participated in the Kirstenbosch Gardens school holiday winter programme. It was a warm sunny day, after one of the wettest day’s this winter! Activities for the day included an art-jamming session. All the tools were supplied - aprons, easels, screens and a variety of paints. It was absolute fun to see the children discover their talents.

A guided walk through sections of the gardens followed. They stopped at the memorial benches dotted around the gardens, donated by families of those who had deceased. Photographs taken at the bust of Nelson Mandela were another highlight.

Lunch was served and enjoyed on the lawns. The children frolicked, played and ran about until exhausted; where after they left for home.