With these words Apostle Worship requested all District Rectors, Bishops and Apostles of Mozambique to turn on their mobile phones.

Within minutes, the message alert tone of over 100 mobile phones sounded in the conference for District Rectors in Mocuba, Mozambique on 15 May 2021. Every brand and make of cell phone were represented. The bush phone to the smart phone all sounded the delivery of the blessed message from the District Apostle J Kriel. 

The surprised facial expressions and absolute joy of the brothers who received the message from the District Apostle was a particularly moving moment of the conference. Some could simply not contain their joy and were heard loudly exclaiming their “wow”, “yay”, and “obrigado!”.

This test hailed the start of a new way of reaching ministers using SMS technology and fulfilled the desire of District Apostle for Mozambique’s predominantly rural territories.