Caring for their pioneers in Oxford Street Congregation was an honour for the East London District

on Saturday 3 November 2018. All the congregations of the East London District joined in the preparations, as well as the celebrations. An added blessing was the fact that Apostle Nene joined them which brought much joy to the hearts of the seniors.

A day of fellowship, treats and eats, pampering and a fun “noot-vir-noot” music quiz were arranged for them. They eagerly participated in the “noot-vir-noot” music quiz where many prizes and gifts were handed out to those who answered enthusiastically. The seniors enjoyed interacting with one another, while being served by the younger generation with something to feast on.

Thereafter, they were pampered and spoilt by the Sunday School children and the young people with hand and shoulder massages while having interactive chats.  They could not contain their excitement as they eagerly stretched out their hands to be massaged and here and there even called the young ones to get their attention for shoulder massages.

The services of nurses were also made available to the aged, to have their blood pressure and sugar levels checked, which many made thorough use of. An official from SASSA ( South African Social Services) addressed the seniors and questions could be posed relating to pension matters.  This was indeed a very informative session as issues pertaining to the aged were communicated.

To bring the day to a blessed conclusion a choir gathered to present a music programme that was arranged particularly in preparation for Service for the Departed the following morning, Sunday 04 November 2018. This brought about a calm and spiritual connection, in special preparation for the festive day on Sunday.

Apostle Nene addressed the congregation and closed with a prayer. The seniors and those in attendance experienced much joy in fellowship and could leave with thankfulness in their hearts.