On Sunday, 09 February 2020, Apostle NT Nene visited the congregation of Upper Ncera in the Eastern Cape.

This congregation formed part of the previously known Dimbaza District, now included in the Buffalo City District.

The previously known Dimbaza and King William’s Town districts combined. A specially formed choir sang traditional hymns and the orchestra playing added to the festivity.

The Apostle served in English, while an isiXhosa translation followed.

Apostle Nene called upon Bishop A Nel to assist in serving. 

One soul received the gift of the Holy Spirit.

District Elder Colin Williams was placed into well-deserved retirement, after serving in the ministry for 39 years. He lovingly cared for the previously known Dimbaza and King William’s Town districts. The Apostle thanked his wife and family sincerely for their love and support over the years.

Apostle Nene appointed Priest Christian Mbulelo Njamela as the new rector for the Upper Ncera Congregation.

After the divine service a joyful congregation joined in fellowship where they spent time together and bid farewell to the District Elder Williams.