During May 2020, a Covid-19 Coordinating Committee for the Kimberley Apostle Area was established.

This committee, under the leadership of Priest Andre Johnson, consists of six members. They meet every Sunday afternoon for planning, training and implementation purposes. Their objective: to assist all the congregations in making sure that their venues are safe and secured for use by the members during the Covid-19 period. 

Due to the geographical make-up of the Apostle Area and for logistical reasons, the entire area has been sub-divided. Each committee member is assigned to an area to assist with planning, training and implementation of Covid-19 protocols. Thanks to Priest Joseph Carlo, who purchased a zoom licence, the committee members are now able to enjoy breakaway sessions with the congregational coordinators and their respective Rectors. During these sessions, each Rector is also given an opportunity to update all on the readiness of the church venue and on any problems, they may be experiencing. All unresolved matters are referred to the Apostle for his guidance.

Furthermore, preparation for funeral services are being used to determine venue readiness. After these funeral services, feedbacks are given to the Covid-19 Coordinating Committee. These feedbacks are vital to assist in ensuring that the members feel safe and secure when they attend such services.

As soon as a congregation has ticked all the protocol boxes, the Rector will receive a readiness “qualification” for the church venue.  The main objective is that all the congregations will be venue ready by 2 August 2020 and fully functional by 9 August 2020.