On Sunday 10 March 2019, a group of 17 rectors from the Swellendam Bishop Area,

began their Homiletics training session, designed to help grow and develop rectors to become better preachers.

It is envisaged that the training will run into April to ensure that all trainees are adequately equipped for the new road ahead. The training was conducted at 3 different locations, because of the vastness of the Bishop Area. Bishop Jerome Cook facilitated at Ashton, for the Swellendam and Robertson areas. Priest Joseph Bronkhorst facilitated at Hawston for the Caledon area, and Priest Alwyn Williams facilitated at Worcester North for the Worcester area.

The day started with the trainees attending the divine service with the congregation at 08:00 and promptly started the training session at 09:15. The interaction amongst the trainees was excellent and the desire to improve their preaching was evident. Ideas and experiences were shared which added an extra boost to the session.

After the 12:00 conclusion to this very inspiring and enriching first session, all trainees are excitedly looking forward to the next session in two weeks.