On Christmas day, 25 December 2019, the patients and staff at Bram Care Centre in Ashton were

visibly surprised when the Apostle A Page and ministers of Ashton Congregation visited them to hand over a donation.

The care centre situated in Ashton provides intermediate care support to patients residing in the Langeburg subdistrict. Patients in need of more intensive care are cared for by nursing carers and a professional nurse, with a doctor coming once a week to ensure that patients’ conditions are stable.

The Apostle, in handing over the much-needed supplies, expressed his thanks for the exceptional work being done by the staff. The centre management said in their letter of thanks that these supplies perfectly suited the needs of the patients.

After some interaction and fellowship with patients and staff, the Apostle and his entourage happily departed, having brought Christmas cheer and joy to those at the centre.