On 24 June 2018, members in Mozambique were also connected to the first AVT-service for 2018 held by the District Apostle J Kriel from Saxonsea on the West Coast.

The Divine Word was spread to remote areas from Saxonsea at this divine service. At Nampula Congregation, situated on the north eastern part of Mozambique, the screen was attached to the trunk of a tree. The members there gather under a tree for their divine services. Macharungo congregants were connected to a computer screen. With great anticipation one member from the congregation of Hulene positioned himself from a rooftop, under a tree, to hear the Divine Word.
Their longing to  encounter the Word by using equipment and means available to them, portrays their earnestness to hear the Word of God. Nothing could deter them from having an encounter at His Altar, even from the trunk of a tree.