Over the weekend of 16-17 February, District Apostle J Kriel visited the Durban area.

This weekend was highlighted with 2 divine services.

On Saturday, the District Apostle held a divine service for the Sunday School children in Wentworth congregation. As a basis for the sermon he used the Bible word 2 Kings 5:3. This unique divine service included over-the-altar interaction which brought many interesting responses from the children. The  beautiful presentation by the mass recorder ensemble also added an extra feeling of festivity to the occasion.

The divine service on Sunday 17 February, which was held in the same venue, was themed around Jesus being the source of salvation. During this divine service Bishop L Naidoo, who served as a Bishop for 22 years in the Durban area, was placed into retirement.

The spiritual nourishment, as well as the fellowship enjoyed over the weekend, reminded the members of Wentworth congregation that we remain Rich in Christ.