The Chief Apostle raised concern about very little Church information reaching households in Africa.

This prompted the publishing of a newsletter called African Joy that would carry Chief Apostle content as well as local content for families in Africa. The feasibility of the newsletter was tested with two pilot editions distributed during 2009.

After the pilot phase a decision was taken to make African Joy a Church publication that would appear quarterly. The newsletter has 4
standard pages which is the same in each area and contains a divine service of the chief apostle and a message from him. In each area
another 4 pages of regional news is then added. The newsletter is produced locally and given to members free of charge.

Currently it is published in 4 District Churches: NAC- East Africa; NAC-Zambia; NAC-SEA and NAC-Cape. The total print number for these
areas is 655 000 and the newsletter appears 17 different languages: English, Lozi, Tonga, Bemba, Chichewa, Luvale, Lunda, Tumbuka,
Kaondde, Shona, Ndebele, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Portuguese, Malagasy, Swahili, Luganda.

2016 Newsletters:

English  Afrikaans Xhosa Lozi 
1st Edition
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2nd Edition
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