The annual meeting of the Apostles and Bishops drew to a close on Thursday, 28 June 2018.

The last day of the conference had an early meeting start for the delegation from Mozambique. The meeting took place over breakfast, ahead of the daily 08:00 start of the Apostles and Bishops Meeting. During the meeting the new board members were announced and the amended constitution finalised.

The concluding day of the conference was all about wrapping-up the tail end of the meeting agenda.

The first presentation of the morning was about Succession. The District Apostle reiterated the importance of this leadership function for the future of the Church. 

Then the meeting was brought up to speed with regard to the New Apostolic Church International (NACI) that has an ongoing need to understand the state of affairs in all its territories. The results are required to be standardised and presented in such a way that global comparisons can easily be made. With the infrastructure and human resource challenges in Africa, it was decided to develop software which could be used in Africa. This led to the introduction of the OASYS software in Africa. The full deployment of the system is envisaged in Kenya and Mozambique and there are no requirements from the NAC-SA Apostles and Bishops.

Thereafter, a Personal Activity Analysis was launched to collectively determine an organised process which engages each individual apostle and bishop to analyse their activities in time for the categories, Administrative, Pastoral and Personal. The confidential self-analysis is critical to the ongoing existence of the Church, which includes members and its assets.

It was decided to place greater emphasis on the leadership structures of the YPiC within the apostle areas and intentionally migrate from District Church level to apostle area levels. This strategy allows for the functional structure of the Apostle Area Young People (APYP) leadership structure.  It was necessary to identify their roles and responsibilities. There was also a need identified to provide for specific interest groups that could lead to greater participation from across the Young People’s age and status categories. It was also noted that the Apostles of the various areas are to understand the apostle area focus of the YPiC concept and the specific role of the Apostle Area YPiC leader.  This will ensure that the YPiC concept is implemented across their areas of responsibility. New activity platforms and upcoming projects will also be shared with a view to start a process of securing local support from within each apostle area.

The 45 minute slot that took the meeting up to the scheduled tea break at 15:00 was devoted to the topic, Care for Special Needs – A journey to universal design. Already at a meeting on 03 October 2017, the District Apostle tabled a high-level presentation, introducing a strategy for creating access for persons with disabilities in NAC-SA. The presentation essentially proposed a roadmap for consideration by the AP/BI group on how to promote the inclusion and engagement of people with disabilities in our programmes. At the conclusion of the presentation, the District Apostle said that he is, “in a hurry” to commence with the project, Care for Special Needs.

With the last point on the agenda, the District Apostle gave the attendees a peek into his 2019 Year Programme. The schedule was unveiled to assist Apostles and Bishops with planning services and activities for the year 2019.

After the presentation of the Year Programme 2019, the District Apostle expressed his thanks for the past week and the time spent together in fellowship. Among his concluding remarks he said: “It is always good to be together!”

With prayer the District Apostle closed the meeting at 16:25. As for the delegates the feeling was unanimous that a beautiful team spirit prevailed throughout the meeting days. It was a meeting that had interesting dimensions with many discussions, teachings and decision-making that is envisaged to serve as blessing for the entire District Church of Southern Africa.

A group photo marked the end of the proceedings. Dinner was the next appointment at 19:00. Departures are scheduled for after breakfast on Friday morning, when the group will greet and take leave of one another.