Close to 10 000 friends attended the Friendship Divine Services on Sunday 02 September 2018.

Preparation for the Friendship Divine Services already started for many congregations during the latter part of August to kindle the spirit of friendship.

Priests embarked on various visits to members with a special focus on those who do not attend divine services anymore. The members were also actively involved by inviting relatives and friends who do not belong to the Church. The Young People and Sunday School children enjoyed social fellowships with their friends and invited them to this special service.

On Saturday 01 September 2018, congregations gathered for their annual Friendship Fun Walk. Members with their families and friends enjoyed togetherness, fun and fitness. They shared breath-taking views on their walks along a beach, through a forest or a park. The young and not so young walked along energetically, keeping the spirit alive. Fellowship continued after the walk with drinks and snacks for their thirst and depleted energies.

This special weekend was crowned in the house of the Lord at the Friendship Divine Services celebrated in all the congregations. Great was the rejoicing when there were also fellow brethren among the invitees who had not been attending the divine services in a long time.  Friends and families could share Word and Sacrament together at the Altar of Grace. Blessed fellowships with our Lord were encountered when all friends were invited to partake of Holy Communion. Soul-stirring music from the orchestra and choirs could also be experienced.

Overall, the Friendship Divine Services were well attended with an official count of 9  912.

 More photos will be added shortly.