On Wednesday 30 October 2019, District Apostle J Kriel, accompanied by Apostle M Diedricks, travelled to Malawi.

After arriving at Blantyre Airport, they were welcomed by Apostle B Semba. Thereafter, they travelled by vehicle from Malawi to the Mozambique border.

After some trouble at the Mozambique border, they eventually arrived at their destination after travelling 150kms.

Thursday morning commenced with a journey to Apostle P Jorge. On their way, they stopped at Milato congregation where 40 members awaited the District Apostle and his entourage. After a brief stop, they continued their travels to Mpura in the Molumbo district. After their arrival at the home of Apostle Jorge, the District Apostle prepared the Apostle for his retirement in December 2020. This was followed by a “special meal” with the family. The meal consisted of dry bread and tea – something that could only be afforded once a month. The District Apostle also brought along a fried fish – something the family had not seen before.

On their way back to the accommodation, they stopped at the Milange church building where members were preparing for the divine service the next day.

On Friday morning, the District Apostle conducted a divine service in Milange. He was accompanied by Apostles Semba, Jorge and Diedricks. 1482 members from Milange district and the surrounding congregations attended the divine service. The Bible word for the sermon was taken out of John 10:12-13.

After the divine service, the District Apostle conducted a short meeting with the Rectors. The aim of the meeting was to teach the Rectors about offering and the SMS system.

While travelling to his next destination, the District Apostle also took the opportunity to visit the district of Namanjavira which falls under the leadership of Apostle Atucumana. Members from the congregation of Namatavu welcomed the group with songs of praise, as well as with a slogan which read “We are family”.

The group finally arrived at the Mocuba City Royal Residence Hotel at 5 pm.

On Saturday, the District Apostle visited Apostle B Semba and his wife, Ana; while Apostle Diedricks went to visit Bishop Alfazema and his wife, Graca.

On Sunday 3 November, the District Apostle conducted the divine service for the departed in Mocuba Central. He was accompanied by Apostles Semba, Diedricks, Atucumana, Cincoreus, Naueta, Daniel and various Bishops from the surrounding areas.  The Bible word for the divine service was taken out of 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14.

After blessed moments in the congregation, the District Apostle travelled from Mocuba to Nampula. They arrived at the home of the local District leader T Leomba later that day.

On Monday 4 November, the District Apostle conducted a meeting for all the Apostles of the area. Several topics were discussed ranging from offering to Sunday School material.

The District Apostle and the Apostle Diedricks left for the airport after the meeting on Monday and arrived safely in Cape Town later that evening.