The Silvertown Auditorium was the venue for the Sing Christmas choral experience on Sunday 22 December 2019.

This special occasion included a range of different performers who aimed to leave those in attendance with an ardent feeling of festivity.

One performance was initially planned for the afternoon. However, based on the huge demand for tickets, it was decided that the groups would present the programme twice.

The programme started with the orchestra performing “We wish you a Merry Christmas”. This was followed by the Children’s Choir performing 3 items while being supported by the orchestra and band. With 2019 being the year of the child, the recently-formed choir, guided by their leaders, focused on development. Over the past year and a half, the fledgeling group has grown from 60 to 130 children.

After a performance from the wind band, it was time for the young people’s choir to perform. The group, who performed at the Friendship Day concert in 2018, brought a vibrant and joyful singing to the occasion, adding to the jovial atmosphere in the hall.

Their performance was followed by the Cape Town Choir, who presented the Sing Christmas choral experience. In this collaboration between two of the most popular sacred music arrangers, Mary McDonald’s exuberant, dynamic style blends seamlessly with Joel Raney’s rhythmic and beautifully emotional music to provide musicians with a unique Christmas event that is sure to become the highlight of the season. The work comprises four stand-alone suites. Each movement includes original music combined with favourite carols, creating a perfect blend of familiar and new. The writing is accessible for most groups yet contains enough richness to provide any choir with a fulfilling choral experience. The optional two-person narration knits the suites into a thrilling and complete retelling of the Christmas story. The performance was also live-streamed on the NACTV Facebook page, and Mary McDonald gave her opinion on the performance, stating that it was an "incredible presentation of Sing Christmas". 

After the concert, District Apostle J Kriel made his way to the stage to address those in attendance. He started off by saying that “Christmas is here!” Thereafter, he thanked the performers and conductors for their efforts and encouraged them to continue their good work.

The District Apostle also thanked those in attendance for their contribution towards the donation that went to the Masakhe Foundation. Masakhe NPC is the New Apostolic Church social outreach programme. The work by the organisation is performed mostly voluntarily and is focused upon helping our fellow-man irrespective of race, creed, gender, age or religion.
Masakhe’s mission is to reach out to all people by building self-sustainable communities through various interventions based upon honesty, integrity, justice, non-discrimination and equity. A total of R60 000 was handed over to the CEO of Masakhe, Jacqui Naidoo.

In conclusion, the District Apostle wished everyone a blessed and wonderful Christmas.