Dear all,

The Covid-19 outbreak necessitated adjustments to our daily lives and brought many important practices to an abrupt stop.

We are encouraged by the attempts by many Sunday School teachers who tried to find alternative ways to still deliver their Sunday School lessons, albeit limited and dependent on access to digital resources. Furthermore, I absolutely insist on the proviso that no child is left behind in any attempt to facilitate Sunday School learning. In line with these prescriptions that all have fair access to learning resources, I approved the following measures to secure adjusted lessons (as per the Sunday School schedule) for the period 3 May till 7 June 2020:

• Parents (or any family member or guardian) of the Sunday School child be provided with the necessary guidelines and tools to deliver these five lessons;

• The Sunday School lesson (which normally takes place immediately after Sunday morning divine services) can be administered at a time convenient to the family;

• Sunday School coordinators will guide the Sunday School teachers and parents on how to access the lessons via the various social media platforms, specifically WhatsApp and direct email or messaging;

• Section Priests, with the support of the Rector, will ensure that the necessary support within the home is provided.

I know our parents might look at this as a daunting task; however, I can assure you that the spiritual spin-offs of such an endeavour can only but advance the spiritual growth of parents and children. The lessons have been rewritten to the specification of a parent delivering the lesson: (click here to access the lessons)

- The lesson starts off with a prayer, which will be provided for parents who need direction in this regard.

- Introductory words, the main lesson and even closing words (with relevant questions) can be read verbatim, where parents feel the need.

- The Sunday School child has a workbook in which activities relating to the lesson needs to be completed.

- Every lesson will have a ten-minute video relating to the topic. The purpose of the video aims to augment your child’s experience.

I have the sincere desire that all our Sunday School to Confirmation children continue their spiritual development. This venture will require all stakeholders in the lives of our children to play their roles supportively.

It is also important to remember that social distancing remains an uncompromising priority as we investigate alternatives to Sunday School lessons.

With the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s continuous support, we can continue to assist the children, our future congregation, in their spiritual growth.


Yours sincerely,

 JL Kriel