On Saturday 20 June 2020, representatives of the Apostle areas in the District Church joined the Covid-19 workgroup to discuss the implementation of guidelines to prepare our church buildings for the return to services in local congregations.

District Apostle J Kriel opened the meeting with a prayer and handed over to the Apostle G Mintoor. Apostle Mintoor oversees the workgroup tasked with preparing for the member’s return to divine services. The group also considers interim steps required to ensure that the church complies with the applicable legislation for gatherings. Over the next few weeks, we will be receiving regular updates from the group once the District Apostle approves the information.

Every Apostle area has a coordinator responsible for “COVID-19 interventions”. The process to include a coordinator at every congregation is also underway. This person will be responsible to ensure that the church complies with all legislative requirements at a congregation level. Once the Rector appoints the person and assigns the relevant mandate “Covid-19” on MIS, the coordinator will also be able to print a minister’s card which could be used when Priests need to move about on official church duties.