community is published by the New Apostolic Church International. Featured are articles on doctrinal aspects, such as updates on our concept of ministry, divine services by Chief Apostle Schneider, Bible stories for children, and information from around the world.

The third edition of 2020 covers events that took place between March and June. Due to lockdown restrictions, this period has been an abnormal one in the history of our church with divine services only made available via various mediums. The content in regional news focuses on topical information highlighting the good deeds done by Masakhe and the members of the church. A workgroup, chaired by Apostle G Mintoor, was tasked to focus on a special project looking at the integration of members to divine serĀ­vices post-lockdown, and their findings and solutions also feature. We also have an in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes of how divine services continue to be made available to members. Reports highlighting the importance of connectivity, how to update your MIS and a guide on how to offer with EasyPay conclude this edition of regional news.

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