After the divine service on Sunday 2 August 2020, District Apostle J Kriel addressed the members of NAC-SA providing updates on the following topics:

  • Pentecost 2021
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Easy Pay
  • Return to church
  • #Dare2Care weekend
  • Masakhe

This year our in-house TV studio, NACTV celebrates 10 years! From humble beginnings, we now have 24-hour playout capability and a production team which delivers industry-matched content. In the coming months, as the lockdown eases, we would like to increase our local and international content. I would like to appeal to all those who are able to join the team to please apply for the roles mentioned below - we need your expertise in growing the channel. We are looking for people with the following skills to join the team:
• Producers
• Directors
• Camera operators
• Audio engineers
• Editors
• Graphic designers
• Set designers
• Set dressers
• Presenters &
• Actors

If you have the requisite skills, please send your details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Pentecost 2021
I wish to inform you that our Chief Apostle has shifted the Pentecost divine service to Argentina. He was scheduled to be in Argentina for Pentecost this year, but due to the Coronavirus outbreak, he could not fulfil that commitment. I await final confirmation on the Chief Apostle’s plans and will inform you once I have information on his rescheduled visit.

Sexual Misconduct
I would like to thank all who have offered their services to assist with this important task in our church.

Easy Pay
Thank you to all who faithfully bring their offering during this time. A special thank you to members who have started using the Easy Pay method to bring their offerings.

Return to church
I undertook to inform you of our plans on returning to church. Based on the current rate and geographic spread of infections, I have decided that we will not return to church services during September 2020.

The following arrangements for divine services in September will apply:

1. The divine services as we currently have it will continue to broadcast every Sunday morning via the existing platforms.
2. Some congregations will form part of a Sunday morning pilot where these divine services will be screened in the church. We would like to make this available to our members who have connectivity challenges.
3. The midweek services will be made available to watch at selected venues in each Apostle area. You will be informed by your Rector as to the exact details of the connection for your congregation.

#Dare2Care weekend
I invite all of you to the #Dare2Care event hosted by our young people in support of Masakhe Foundation this coming weekend from 07 – 09 August 2020. The event kicks off on Friday evening at 20h00 with an exciting virtual music concert. Saturday morning is filled with a variety of fun activities for which we ask you to register. In the afternoon, various experts and pastoral leaders will engage in topical discussions such as gender-based violence and the sexual misconduct policy in the church. The highlight of the weekend is a divine service for the young people on Sunday morning. This will be a young people divine service to which the congregation is invited. Please bring your young heart to this divine service as the music will be geared at our young people. All these activities will be live-streamed on NACTV, Facebook Live and YouTube. The registration form and full programme of the weekend will be posted on the NAC-SA website and the various social media platforms. The event is not limited to our young people, and I encourage all to join us for this exciting event in support of a worthy cause.

The Masakhe foundation has done incredible work over the past few months. Many congregations have also been doing exceptional charitable work. I am overwhelmed by the support members have given to each other as well as to the community at large. This was not done to get a mention in the media, but to show love to their neighbours. Thousands were given food parcels and/or food vouchers. I remain thankful for the sacrifices and love that has been shown to all in need. 

Next divine service
Our next divine service will be conducted in Afrikaans by Bishop Ivor Adams at 7 pm on Wednesday, 5 August 2020.

The aforementioned information has been translated into the following languages and can be dowloaded from here: