Sunday 15 November 2020 was a special day for the members of Gaylee as District Apostle J Kriel served the congregation.

Some 160 members filled the hall in anticipation of the heavenly blessings. Then the moment arrived, the District Apostle walked to the altar while the soloist, in jubilant voice sang “God is getrou.”

He was accompanied by Apostle M Diedricks and Bishops L Ravell, J Cook and G James.

The Bible word for the divine service was taken out of Proverbs 17: 17; "A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity."

The District Apostle remarked on the importance of friendship and said: “a friend of a friend is also my friend, whoever is a friend of Jesus Christ, is also my friend.” He said even though we are in a period of social distancing, we can still create fellowship through a phone call, and we can help our fellow man to rediscover their friendship with Jesus.

During this divine service, the District Apostle also served the souls in the realms of the departed with Holy Communion.

After the closing prayer, a tenor soloist crowned the divine service with a powerful rendition of “Hy is wonderlik”, thereby concluding a most blessed and unforgettable time in the house of God. 

Before leaving the church building, the District Apostle spent a few moments with the confirmands and took time to take a group photo with them.