On Sunday 09 January 2022, Apostle J Cronjé conducted the central AVT divine service at Silvertown congregation. This divine service was conducted in English.

He was accompanied by Bishop Alvin Witten a small musical ensemble and the NACTV crew. This divine service was made available on NACTV, Cape Town TV on DSTV channel 263, as well as Infinity FM and SABIE stereo. Members could also listen to the divine service by calling in from either a mobile phone or landline. This divine service was also streamed live on the NACTV Facebook page.

For members who were unable to watch the divine service, please find the Divine Service Guide that was used by Apostle Cronjé to conduct the Central AVT divine service: 

Bible word
And so it was, when Jesus had ended these sayings, that the people were astonished at His teaching, for He taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes. (Matthew 7:28-29)

The contemporaries of Jesus were deeply impressed by His teaching. They were accustomed to hearing the scribes tell them how the Mosaic Law was to be interpreted. Yet Jesus introduced Himself as the one who had received the authority for this from God. His doctrine also distinguished itself from that of the Pharisees in terms of the value they assigned to the Mosaic Law.

Jesus teaches with authority
Many of the devout of the time regarded good health, prosperity, and high esteem in society as a reward granted by God to those who kept the Law. Jesus, on the other hand, assured the poor, the suffering, and the humble of God’s blessing. He taught that the love of God is not measured by earthly prosperity, but rather by the salvation that He makes accessible to human beings. Beyond that, He introduced Himself as the One who was to fulfil the Law (Matthew 5: 17). For Him, true obedience to God is comprised of loving God and one’s neighbour. He revealed the further progress of the plan of redemption like no other prophet before Him.

We trust in the authority of Jesus
We believe in the authority of Jesus’ preaching, and measure the love that God shows us by the salvation that He makes accessible to us, and not by our personal lot on this earth. So we also obey His will because we want to do so and not because we are afraid. Our obedience results from our love for the Lord. We look into the future with confidence because Jesus will be with the Apostles whom He has sent until the end of the age.

The charisma of Jesus
Jesus had a special kind of charisma that impressed many people. Think of the disciples, for example, who left everything to follow Him, or Zacchaeus, who changed His life after encountering Jesus. The charisma of Jesus Christ resulted from

• His fellowship with God: He always turned to His Father and trusted in Him perfectly.
• His love for His neighbour: even when confronted with His own death, He still interceded for His tormentors.
• the significance He assigned to the mission that had been conferred upon Him by God (John 4: 34).

Our own charisma
If we follow the example of Jesus, we too can exercise a positive influence on our surroundings, especially upon our children. May the following be evident when people look at us:

• our connection with Jesus. He is always our point of reference, even in times of crisis.
• our love for our neighbour. We genuinely desire his redemption from evil and endeavour to make it easy for him to have access to Jesus.
• the significance we assign our mission. Our priority is to be a witness of Christ in all situations of life and to do good works.

• Jesus Christ taught and acted with authority. His charisma changed the people in His surroundings.
• We believe in His doctrine, and His conduct is an example to us.
• By following His example, we can have a positive influence on others.