On Sunday 3 December 2017, Apostle Joubert conducted a divine service at the Sagewood School in

 Midrand for the members of the Pretoria South and North Rand Districts.

At the service, the Apostle used the Bible word from Luke 2:46, which reads: “Now so it was that after three days they found Him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the teachers, both listening to them and asking them questions.”
During the service the Apostle bestowed the gift of the Holy Spirit on 23 souls. He also ordained five priests and 19 deacons.
The Apostle also announced and explained a number of boundary and leadership changes within the apostle area. This is due to consolidation of congregations and districts. The reason for the consolidation is to strengthen congregational capacity and enhance care given to members, to ultimately fulfil the vision of the Church. He also used the opportunity to explain the development on the understanding of ministry and the difference between authority and mandate of a minister.
The following changes were enacted within the area:
• A component of Pretoria South District, consisting of Lyttelton and Valhalla congregations were consolidated into Pretoria East District.
• Rooihuiskraal Congregation was incorporated into the current North Rand District, where the district rector is District Elder D Gracey, assisted by District Evangelists D Fortuin and L Mitas. It was explained that this move is in support of the future development that will culminate in the establishment of the Gauteng Central and Gauteng South West districts.
• District Elder R Scheppel, the District Rector of Pretoria South District received a new appointment to the duty of Rector for the congregation of Constantia Park.
• The Community Evangelist A van Loggerenberg, who served in the Rector duty of Constantia Park, was appointed as Rector Helper, alongside District Elder Scheppel.
• Priest B van Rooi was appointed as Rector for Diepsloot Congregation.
• There was also a rotation of rectors which involved -
­ Shepherd L Smith being appointed in the Rector duty as rector for Rooihuiskraal Congregation; and
­ Community Evangelist B Taljaard appointed as Rector for Midrand Congregation.