On Sunday morning 19 August 2018, after the divine service, many excited Sunday School children made their way to their open day in Constantia Park Congregation, in the Pretoria South East District.

The purpose of the open day was to stimulate excitement and awareness about the importance of Sunday School, both for parents, adult members of the congregation and the Sunday School children.

Members and guests were invited to walk through the classes and they showed sincere appreciation and enthusiasm for the Sunday School. All the workbooks were on display from the pre-school class to those of the confirmands.

The Rector, Reinhardt Scheppel, also invited parents to attend the Sunday School classes, and many parents sat in and listened attentively to the lessons. The parents were touched by the content taught in the classes. Many parents expressed how this inspired them to do their part at home through follow-up discussions with their children.

The morning was concluded with delicious cakes and snacks for the Sunday School children.