On Thursday, 25 February 2021, the young people of the Gauteng-Limpopo Apostle Area were invited to the first Young People’s Divine Service for 2021.

The divine service was conducted by Apostle JM Joubert and held in Sandton Congregation. The service was streamed via YouTube and Facebook Live to over 200 young people who attended the in-presence service at various congregations in the Gauteng-Limpopo Area, not to mention all the young people watching from home. 

The Bible word for the service was taken from Psalms 119:37, which reads: “Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in Your way”. The Bible reading was taken from Psalm 119:33 to 40.

Apostle Joubert started the service, by saying that the Bible word is in the form of a prayer, and the plea could be heard that was raised to the heavenly Father from the psalmist who wrote the word more than 2 000 years ago. Yet today, we find ourselves in a position where we may also have the same plea. The Apostle said that the Bible word focuses on two issues, namely, let me not focus or dwell on things around me that are worthless, and the other is, build me up.

The Apostle said that we must align our lifestyle and behaviour towards the character, value system and benefit of Jesus Christ and be revived in Jesus.

At the service, eight confirmands received the gift of the Holy Spirit. They will now be confirmed with their peers from 14 March onwards.