The excitement in the congregation of Conville could be felt for the first visit of the Apostle J Cronje to the George Bishop Area.

On Thursday 2 November 2017, Apostle Cronje visited Conville Congregation in the George Bishop Area. For his first visit in this area all ministers and their wives were invited to meet him. Members started arriving early and waited in great anticipation for the divine service to start. 

The Apostle used the Bible word out of Revelations 10:10, “Then I took the little book out of the angel’s hand and ate it, and it was as sweet as honey in my mouth. But when I had eaten it, my stomach became bitter.” It was an inspiring divine service which enthused all present. At this service the Apostle placed Priest C Wolhurter and Deacon P Kamfer into retirement. Between these two ministers they had served in the ministry for 46 years. Thanking them for their unconditional love for God’s children, the Apostle relieved them from their ministerial responsibilities. The Apostle ordained three deacons and one priest for the congregation. Lastly, he thanked the Shepherd Van Haght for work done as the Rector of Borchards and then appointed him as the new rector for Kleinkrans Congregation.

The Apostle greeted a blessed and joyful congregation.