The thought to reach out to communities in drought-stricken areas was born in the heart of District Apostle J Kriel.

As a result of this, Apostle Cronje contacted various places in his working area and concluded that Beaufort West and surrounding areas were the worst-affected areas during the recent drought.

The Apostle contacted a local supplier of water in Beaufort West, Sandra Coetzee and the municipal liaison officer, Marlene Hendricks. Both these individuals, Marlene and Sandra, immediately set the ball rolling. The town of Merweville received their water supplied in 5-litre bottles, delivered by Beaufort West Municipality.

Gift vouchers were printed and handed out to the worst-affected areas in Beaufort West and Merweville. These gift vouchers provided the recipient with 10 litres of water. These vouchers were presented by Marlene Hendricks, municipal workers and Bishop Trevor Stephens. Water vouchers were also distributed to the Badisa Old Age Home and received by Riana on behalf of the home.

The people of Beaufort West have expressed their immense gratitude for this generous gift which was given during a trying time in their lives. All thanks to District Apostle J Kriel for inspiring this beautiful gesture of kindness.